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Tree Houses

Tree houses aren’t what they used to be! When we were kids, tree houses were slabs of wood that may or may not have been held safely together between some branches above our heads. If we were lucky, it actually had some resemblance of a club house or fort to keep the girls out! Those kinds of tree houses still exist for the fun of kids, but today, we are going to look at modern day tree houses for adults! We’ve certainly come a long way with what we can do as a new form of lodging experiences. Below is a list of 9 Ohio based Tree House lodging options, many of whom are currently taking reservations for this summer.

Treehouse vacations

Life After COVID 19

This too, shall pass. For some of you, this pandemic has been bothersome or just annoying. For others, it has been financially devastating, and still others, it has been deadly.  What we can all agree upon, is that life after COVID 19 will be different than life before.

I predict companies will realize they don’t need to spend as much money on physical office space and allow more people to work from home. Some businesses, who are using creative ways to stay afloat, may permanently adopt their new course of business strategies and continue with their new procedures. Most businesses avoid major paradigm shifts within their structure unless forced due to events outside of their control. This pandemic is that crisis. For this reason, local businesses most likely feel the brunt more so than Fortune 500 companies.

For these reasons, I am promoting local Ohio based Tree House businesses, since I am an Ohioan myself. Once this virus settles and the world can get back to life, let’s get out there and get this economy moving! Now let’s find us some tree houses!

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Berlin Woods Tree Houses

Amish Country Lodging, located in Berlin, OH, offers rustic tree house experiences in Amish Country. If you are wondering what is there to do in Amish country, refer to my post entitled Amish in Ohio – The Best Kept Secrets. Amish Country Lodging offers custom built tree houses that sleep from 2 to 6 people.

Amish Country Lodging

The Mohicans

The Mohicans offers a range of Amish built rustic cabins or unique tree houses “designed and built by world renowned tree house designer, Pete Nelson”, according to their website. They offer special occasion services and is a beautiful venue for one of a kind weddings.

Whispering Pines Tree House

Located in Millersburg, OH, Whispering Pines Tree House is another Amish built, owned and operated lodging operation. They are currently accepting reservations for their tree houses this summer.

The Big Pine Tree House

This cabin is a 2000 square foot, 4-level cabin. It’s not exactly completely in the trees, but it’s close enough. It’s a lovely place located in the heart of Mohican country. There is plenty to do in the area, if you actually want to leave the comfort of the cabin!

Hocking Hills Tree House Cabins

Located in South Bloomingville, OH, they are only minutes away from Hocking Hills State Park. According to the owner’s website, “​ Our tree houses were engineered and designed by a crew of tree house engineers and arborists from across North America.” They have 3 currently open and a 4th one set to open sometime in 2020. You can visit the Hocking Hills Tree House Cabins website here.

Corban Cabin Getaways

Nestled in the scenic Hocking Hills area roughly 10 minutes away from Hocking Hills State parks and are attractions.

Among The Trees Lodging

These 3 tree houses are also located in the Hocking Hills area. The rest among 87 secluded acres for optimal privacy and relaxation. They are minutes away from all the Hocking Hills area attractions.

Pine Cove Lodging

Located in Millersburg, OH, this is another owned and operated Amish quality tree house. Pine Cove Lodging offers tree houses or Farm houses.

Acadia Cliffs Tree House Cabin

According to the home owners, their charming cabin is 560 sq. foot on 20 acres surrounded by the Acadia Cliff Wildlife Preserve. You can find it on Airbnb at using this link.

Plan Ahead

If life just feels too uncertain to take the plunge and make reservations, use this information to do your research and decide where you might want to stay. If you need extra help with your travel planning, refer to my post about Travel Planning Sites – The Top 5 to get you started. It’s good for your mental health to dream a little about better times ahead. I know I’m working now on my future travel plans!

If you need a little help with planning your next destination, consider starting with determining your travel budget. Click here for your FREE travel budget worksheet! Page 2 is found HERE.

Wrapping Up

There’s never a bad time to think about the future and where you want to go. Future planning takes your mind off the stress of today. Currently, 3 out of 4 Americans are on home isolation to help prevent the spread of the COVID 19. This means more people are on line searching, reading, learning. Make the most of this unique time to think about how to celebrate health as we can once again venture outdoors and support our community businesses. Perhaps I’ll run into you out there – among the trees!

Please leave me a comment and let me know where you want to go or where you’ve been! Thanks!

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