How my Pinterest engagements increased 63% in one month!

how to increase Pinterest engagement by 63% in one month

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My Pinterest engagements experience with “Tailwind”

I joined “Tailwind” in 2020 with the intent of joining other “Tailwind communities” (previously named “tribes”). My purpose to connect with other like-minded travel and lifestyle bloggers. I wanted to learn what they wrote about, what tips they offered, and to gain support with sharing pins with the shared goal of increasing blog traffic and engagement. I also began using the “Tailwind” scheduler which uses algorithms to post pins at peak performance times. This was a great benefit as when I manually posted my pins on Pinterest, I scheduled them at only random times.

Pinterest engagements increased as pinning increased

Having options is the great part about pinning. You can easily pin manually onto Pinterest, or use the Pinterest scheduler. Many bloggers write about having the same results with engagements whether they pin manually or use a scheduler such as Pinterest. Although, pinning isn’t the only part of the process. The process begins with designing your pin.

Suddenly, “Tailwind” upped the game. Let me ask you, how long does it take you to make a pin? I timed myself once. I timed how long it took to download the stock photos, upload them into either Canva or PicMonkey, then create. All in all, 15 min on average, per pin. If I make 5 pins per blog post, that is an additional hour and 15 min work after my post is done. But bloggers know that pinning is a necessity, as pins draw traffic. The more pins posted, the more site engagements increased.

Enter “Tailwind Create”

Tailwind Create” is in my opinion the most valuable feature available on “Tailwind”. It took me a little while until I gave it a try, being a skeptic, but, once I did, there was NO turning back! I decreased my pin creation time from 13-15 min to up to 2 min per pin. In addition to this amazing product, I could instantly schedule the pins to multiple relevant boards. The results were well more than I had imagined.

How my Pinterest engagements increased 63% in one month

You can see my results taken straight from Pinterest analytics. In only one months’ time, my impressions increased 51%, engagements increased by 63%, total audience up by 50%, and engaged audience up by 63%. Keep in mind I am a newish blogger who doesn’t have the numbers that seasoned bloggers will show. I am actually still trying to figure out how to strengthen my lifestyle niche. So you can imagine how totally delighted I am at this increase in all my numbers, as this shows me actual progress and provides me real motivation! My results may not be your results, as everyones’ niches and styles are different.

May 5th, 2021 – June 5th, 2021


May 26th – June 23rd, 2021

How much time did I spend on “Tailwind Create” to grow these above numbers? I’ll be generous and say 3 hours. The last week of May I upgraded my account to Advanced level, where I get 100 unique design posts per month. For now, this is the perfect amount I need. Yet, for those who do need more, the Max account allows up to 300 designs per month. This doesn’t equate to the number of pins, it means the number of designs.

How my Pinterest engagements increased 63% in one month

After I upgraded, I had access to over 5M premium stock photo options and over 10k premium design elements. Every design can be edited, but what I learned was I didn’t need to edit most of the designs. I went from posting 50 pins per week to posting 168 in only a fraction of the time. This was the best investment I’ve made for my blogging business!

My Tailwind Create pins are getting higher organic hits than my own pins created on other sites

A few examples of my “Tailwind Create” pins

  • cat calming tips
  • Extraordinary 5 ways to monetize your blog
  • Colorado on a budget travel after Covid 19

Why you need “Tailwind Create” to see engagements increased

Anyone who uses Pinterest and depends on it for blog traffic knows that it likes to keep its creators on their toes. They often change their systems of how to better the creator and the consumer experience. Pinterest now prefers fresh, new content as opposed to re-sharing the same pins. For creators, this has become a bit of a challenge. This means that in order to market older blog posts that still hold relevant information, you now have to create new pins, titles, and descriptions. Talk about an overwhelming experience. I believe that “Tailwind Create” is the ultimate answer to our problems. In only minutes it will generate fresh, new pins we can link to our existing AND new content!

Typical results

Don’t only take my word for it! Read directly from the “Tailwind” blog entitled “Typical Results of Tailwind Members”. You learn the type of data that supports the claims that using “Tailwind Create” really can make a difference. I personally fell into “Tailwind Create” one day as I was tight on time and thought I would finally try it. It was so simple to use! You can upload your own stock or personal photos, or choose from an array of their own stock photos! If you choose, you don’t even need to use a picture. I was so pleased with the pre-existing designs! The great thing too, is they follow Pinterest’s best pinning practices! When following these practices, you are less likely to be identified as spam.

How my Pinterest engagements increased

Once I discovered how easy it was to create fresh, new pins using “Tailwind Create”, I decided to use the strategy of pinning on autopilot. My marketing team completely agreed with me! Since I am the marketing team, there were no objections! I have my scheduler set to post 24 pins per day. Using uploaded pictures I already had, the only step left was to hit “create”. Within seconds there were pin designs presented, using my pictures and many with no pictures at all!

Since they follow Pinterest best practices, they allow you to save up to 5 new pin designs per URL post. After choosing the relevant boards, I wrote SEO-friendly descriptions, and sent them to the scheduler to do the work for me. They follow an algorithm that schedules pins based on statistics of the most popular times for optimal viewing. It took me less than half an hour to schedule 168 pins and scheduled for 7 days! I was floored at the time I saved and was even more excited with how my Pinterest engagements increased.

How to Increase Pinterest Engagement in 2021 (Original Data Study)!

The article entitled “How to Increase Pinterest Engagement in 2021 (Original Data Study)” was written by Alisa Meredith on February 19, 2021. If you’re still not quite sold on “Tailwind Create”, read the original data study from earlier this year. I hope you find this product as easy to use and beneficial as I have experienced. Most of what I know about blogging, I’ve learned from other bloggers. My intent was to share what works for me with hopes of making your life a little easier too.

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