The Best Top 10 Valentine’s Day gifts for your pets!

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top 10 best valentine's day gifts for pet

It’s that time again!

The major holidays have come and gone. Valentine’s Day will be at your footstep before you know it! Most people will be searching crazily online looking for that unique idea for their someone special come February 14th. But, what if your someone special is furry with adorable little paws? Many people prefer pets over humans. Some days, I’m one of those people! However, if you DO need some ideas for your special human, I have ideas for them too. Head over to my post on the 25 Most Popular Valentine’s Day Gifts for some more ideas. But read on below for the top 10 Valentine’s Day gifts for your pets.

top 10 best Valentine's Day gifts for pets

Feline friends

I adore all furry friends, but my favorite ones are obviously our feline friends! Why not shower your furbabies with tiny treats that show your love. Just like kitty shows you, when she delightfully drops a mouse at your feet and lovingly looks into your eyes saying “look mom, you need to eat!”. I had the best cat several years ago named Jimmy. He was an ordinary tiger cat with a cute pink nose. He was my shadow. I let him outside every day, and when I went out for a walk he followed me like a dog. One day, a neighbor kid asked me if he was on a leash because he never ventured far from me. He wasn’t of course, he was just a good little cat.

I remember a summer long ago I heard him yowling at my back door. I ran to see what he brought me this time, as he often brought me field mice or birds of sorts. This time, it was a piece of pizza!! All the toppings were gone which left only the crust with remnants of sauce. He held it tightly in his mouth as he yowled for me to grab it. I couldn’t stop laughing as he finally figured out what I really love to eat! Or, more likely, he was raiding a neighbor’s patio who thought it was safe to leave their pizza unattended outside. It was the best day ever. He was the best cat, that Jimmy boy. We all have warm stories about how our kitties touched us someway, so let’s return the favor and find some of the best gifts for your pets!

1. FRISCO Valentine’s X’s and O’s Donut Teaser

I’m guilty of owning several different cat teasers on a wand. I like to consider it the lazy person cat toy. While sitting around you can easily wave it around and provide your cat the attention and exercise they need! And, this one is SUPER adorable!

2. Frisco Valentine Heart Plush Cat Toy with catnip

Plush cat toys are always a fun go to! I never realize how much my cats play with these until I move my furniture around to clean and always find a few under the sofa! To keep them interested, every once in a while I’ll rub catnip all over them and toss them around. My cats get all wound up again and crazily bats these around the house. I don’t know who’s more entertained, them, or me!

3. Red Dingo Breezy Love breakaway collar with Bell

We can’t deny, this collar is ADORBS!! I love the little fish on the front with my favorite colors! I also appreciate the bell. No more sudden homicide attempts of sneaking under my feet at the top of the steps! Keep on reading for more about the top 10 best Valentine’s Day gifts for your pets!

4. Frisco Love Machine Cat and Dog T-shirts

This is hilarious!! LOVE MACHINE shirts! This is the best gift yet! I’m ordering 2 for my cats right now. Doesn’t get any better than this!

5. Prinz Cat Mom with Photoset

This is a thoughtful gift for the cat mom of the house. It can easily be taken to work while you sip on that cup o’jo and stare at your furry friend. We all need one of these!

6. Lovely Caves Cotton Woven Cat Bed Basket

I am a sucker for cat beds. When they actually sleep in them, it makes my heart melt, which is why this is one my the best gifts for your cats. Cats will love this one as the cotton wove basket will retain the body heat as they curl into their tight kitty ball.

7. Loving Pets Bella Nova pet bowl, Heart design

What we have here are patented award winning pet bowls! With their vet-recommended stainless steel interior, they also come in a variety of colors and styles! PURRRRRFECT time to upgrade the pet dishes!

8. JT Cataction Rattle Ball Cat Toy

Does anyone else love the sound of the pitter-patter of little paws running around the house? This Cataction Rattle Ball will really get them going!! Its tough exterior can withstand even the toughest kitty swats and tosses! On a hard floor especially, it can really get your cat running! Fantastic exercise!

9. Frisco Plush Chocolate Bar Cat Toy with Catnip

Who says your cat can’t indulge in a little proverbial chocolate? Simply rub catnip all over and your cat will go NUTS over this thing! Knowing this is actually a toy, no nuts were harmed in the making of this product. The crinkle sound will bring them back for more!

10. Catit Chaise-Shape Scratcher with Catnip

I saved the best for last. After years of trying different types of scratching posts, these corrugated scratchers have turned out to be the ultimate BEST! Sprinkle catnip inside to lure them back until they learn they actually love using it! These products truly are durable scratching surfaces.

top best valentine family pet gifts

Happy Shopping

I hope you found some great products for your cats who provide you a life full of unconditional love. Who else will act like they don’t care you exist in one minute, then look at you with those oval eyes and fill your heart with warmth and happiness. They treat you well (for the most part), let’s return the favor, at least once a year! See you next time!

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