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Accent Modification

What do you think of when you hear the term accent modification? It doesn’t mean eliminating your native language influences upon your second language pronunciations.

Accent Modification training includes learning how to modify your native language influences upon your second language pronunciations in order to sound clearer when speaking.

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Where Can You Learn This Skill?

I am a Speech-Language Pathologist and decided several years ago to transition into accent modification training.

This means working with adults who speak Standard American English (SAE) as a second language.

The most successful students are those who have a strong grasp of Standard American English, yet their native language influences have created strong accents that noticeably interfere with their communication skills.

This interference can negatively influence promotions, business relationships and patient/doctor rapport.

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Yet, there is more to speech than just knowing the expected pronunciations.

You also have to consider your speaking confidence. This includes voice projection and speech clarity.

Where do you learn these valuable skills? Online, of course!

What Is This?

Speech Matters! This accent modification training is a comprehensive course available 24/7. It’s there when you need it!

This course has over 10 hours of video training including 84 lessons and over 90 handouts to use for exercise!

This Is Your Solution

You have access to a multitude of training opportunities. There is YouTube where you can find a variety of accent modification training for FREE!

You can sign up online for personalized coaching sessions one to three times a week, for 25 minutes sessions each.

Or, you can sign up for this course that is unique in its structure.

Speech Matters! Accent Modification Training is a comprehensive course structured by a licensed speech-language pathologist using skilled training hierarchies.

This training is unique as it is available 24/7. You don’t need to schedule a time out of your busy day to meet with a coach.

You will be able to replay the modules as many times as you need to in order to practice your targeted sounds.

How Do You Decide What Kind Of Training Will Work for You?

Before making a decision on the type of training that works best for you, you need to consider your learning style and motivation.

Personalized Coaching

For example, if you need personalized coaching, the best type of training would be online coaching. You sign up with a program online and schedule weekly 25 minute sessions.

I used to provide that type of coaching, but quickly learned that 25 minutes pass very fast, and you are extremely limited to the material you cover. That means you need to continue scheduling multiple appointments.

You also learn that life often gets in the way. Sometimes you run out of time and don’t get in enough practice before your next appointment, so little progress is made.

Other times, you find you need to cancel and reschedule. With busy work and life schedules, that can often feel cumbersome.


YouTube is another option. There are a wide variety of accent modification trainings on that platform for FREE!

If you want to save the videos to return to watch again, you need to sign in, follow, and subscribe. The downfall is, you have to search the topics or sounds you need to find.

The training is limited. You learn some quick tips, but there isn’t intensive, structured trainings. You get what you pay for.

Accent Modification Training Online Structured System

Speech Matters! Accent Modification Training available here is a unique system created to teach you not only Standard American English pronunciations, but the song of speech and voice projection techniques.

The benefits to using an online only structured training system includes the following:

  • You can replay any training module as often as you need
  • No scheduling is required! You have complete access 24/7
  • Easily locate the specific sounds you want to target
  • Training is structured in a specific hierarchy of pronunciation practice
  • You pay once for unlimited access
  • The comprehensive program transitions into SAE intonation training
  • Voice projection exercises are included
  • Everything you need is located in one, easy to find location

Check It Out

If you would like more information on my exclusive accent modification training course, visit my information site HERE. You’ll be glad you did!

Looking For More Language Practice?

Listening to audio books is a great way to hear the nuances of spoken English. I recommend you listen to an audio book for at least 15 minutes a day.

Not only will you learn something new, or enjoy an interesting story, but you will hear the targeted sounds in a medium where you can slow the rate of speech.

You will also be able to focus on the speech patterns and pronunciation styles. It's another great way to learn!

If you want to see my list of current favorite books to listen to, visit my article on The Best Amazon Books of Mine!

Leave me a comment below with any questions about accent modification training OR add an audio book recommendation.

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