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I mistakingly found IT

One evening, as I was searching Pinterest as I normally do while lying in bed, one of many pins caught my attention. Aside from the pins leading me to the BEST chocolate mud pie in the south, then onto an amazingly beautiful, abandoned home, I found what I didn’t know I was searching for. I often surf Pinterest without having any specific goal in mind, just to see what recipe I need to make and what information might be calling my name. Then I found it. The must-have secret of writing successful quality content posts!

I don’t know about you, but every time I write, my SEO software informs me I need to include more transition words. Being such a simple concept, I find it extremely difficult to do so with consistency. After multiple internet searches and poring over countless articles, nothing seemed to offer me the kind of help I really needed. So what’s the solution?

the valuable e-book that solved my problem

I was ultimately led to the e-book called “How to write content that helps you earn money – reveals lesser-known secrets to attract engaged readers & raving fans”. Let me elaborate. This brilliant little e-book its big-name provided me the solution I had been searching for. What interested me was the idea to learn how to write better content that in return would drive traffic and help with monetizing my site. Both of which I was trying to do while striving to write quality content posts.

I read the description of who was the intended audience, the purpose of the book, and the personal message the author included so we know she too is on a blogging journey. It is an e-book with 69 pages plus bonuses. Also included is a checklist and video on how to write awesome blog posts. It includes 300+ headline blog post ideas (I LOVED this feature) and includes how to identify your niche workbook. I am doing my best not to be biased in this review, but honestly, I cannot think of any negatives. Unless you think TOO MUCH information is a problem! Without purposefully searching, I found everything I needed! How awesome is that?

Tremendous opportunity

You may be thinking, wow Anita, for such an amazing product being such a wealth of information, is this something the average reader and writer could afford? So glad you asked! How does $11 sound? Honestly, for the cost of 2, maybe 3 delicious gourmet coffees that will disappear in a matter of minutes, you can purchase an item that if properly applied, can increase the quality of your writing! I’ve found other products offering similar information but costs up to 20x more! This is ONLY $11.  

Truth be told

Why does this work? When transition words and phrases are correctly used, they have been statistically proven to increase reader engagement. Depending on your goals for writing, the greater the reader engagement, the greater the opportunities to build rapport (repeat site visitors) the greater potential for customers to purchase your products. I think you’ll agree with me when I say this $11 investment can make a huge positive impact on your writing quality content posts. But wait, there’s more!

In addition to purchasing the e-book “How to write content that helps you earn money – reveals lesser-known secrets to attract engaged readers & raving fans” by, you will also have access to SEO Simplified for Bloggers. Whether you are a new blogger or advanced, it’s always important to keep up on SEO trends and products.

In Conclusion

I encourage you to consider purchasing this ultimate guide “How to write content that helps you earn money – reveals lesser-known secrets to attract engaged readers & raving fans”. Whether you’re a blogger, a college student, in marketing, an editor, and on and on. If you have a strong desire to increase the quality of your articles, look no further. I sure know I’m glad I did!

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