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Native Language Influences

While working as a certified Speech-Language Pathologist (SLP), one of the biggest complaints I hear working in a medical facility is “My doctor tells me what to do, but I can’t understand him!”  Often times, if the problem is not due to hearing loss, it is due to speaking with heavily accented English pronunciations.

The United States of American is a true melting pot. We’re also a land of opportunity for foreign medical students to learn and practice medicine. 

Consequently, these opportunities may present with challenges when English is their second language.

If your native language heavily influences Standard American English, should you consider learning about accent reduction services?

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accent reduction

Roughly 78.1% of citizens in the USA speak Standard American English (SAE).

If you are a medical professional, think of your patients. Some may feel their quality of care is being compromised due to a communication barrier.

Patients can always look for a new doctor, or the provider can be open and honest with asking the patient if they are understood.

Perhaps you’re not a medical provider, but you work in corporate America?

Do you feel you missed out on a promotion because of having a difficult time holding onto clients?

Are you hesitant to engage in presentations due to lack of confidence with your public speaking skills?

Pronunciations Matter

Every language is unique with its rules of grammar, pronunciations, intonations and nuances.

Accents are created when your native language heavily influences the second language.

Having a strong grasp of vocabulary is not enough. There needs to be a clearer connection with producing your second language pronunciations.

You may not even realize how heavily your native language influences English as a second language until until you realize how often you are asked to repeat yourself.

Perhaps due to speaking barriers, your work productivity suffers. You don’t make as many productive phone calls or meeting quotas due to lack of confidence with your speech.

When work productivity suffers, that can hit home in the pocket book.

Maybe it’s time to make a change. Therefore, should accent reduction training be in your future?

accent reduction home study course

What now?

You’re still reading this, so there must be an interest. Time is valuable.

There are a multitude of YouTube videos offering free accent reduction trainings. The only problem with those are you have to search to find videos on specific sounds or techniques.

They also may be only partial trainings, offering the quick fixes that may not end up as solutions in the long run.

Or, you can visit Speech-Language Pathologists’ sites for online training (paid services). These types of trainings are great. I used to provide this service using the same medium.

The downfall, however, is the amount of time you need to schedule, one to three appointments a week. If life “got in the way,” and a reschedule is needed, that creates additional costs. And speaking of costs, you can easily spend well over $700. plus as the multitude of appointments all add up over time.

So what is the solution to this problem? A comprehensive home study course on accent reduction. Read on, friend.

accent reduction home study course

Home Study?

To know if a home study course is for you, you need to know and accept your personal learning styles.

Do you need the immediate feedback of a coach? Does meeting a coach face to face provide you the motivation you need to work on exercises?

If you answered yes, then a home study course may not be for you.

There are many benefits to signing up for a comprehensive accent modification course. Especially if you work as a traveling professional!

Here are just a benefits:

  • Cost effective – you pay only once!
  • You have access to repeat modules as many times as you need to hone your skill
  • Online courses are available 24/7 – they are ready when you are
  • If fits into your busy work schedule – who doesn’t love complete flexibility?

Speech Matters!

If you are serious about strengthening your Standard American English skills, it is time to take action.

I created a comprehensive online course called Speech Matters! Accent Modification Comprehensive Training.

This course offers over 10 hours of training that covers pronunciations, intonation and voice projection.

You can find more information about accent modification training in my article entitled Practical Accent Modification Training Priced Right.

accent reduction training for busy professionals

Are You Intrigued?

It doesn’t cost you anything to check out the site and watch the free introductory video. That will give you more insight into what the training includes, and if it will meet your needs.

accent reduction for traveling professionals course with a picture of a time piece

That’s a Wrap!

My goal is to help make your life a little easier, one phrase at a time.

If you have any questions, please leave them below. I’d be happy to help you along your accent modification journey.

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