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Native Language Influences

While working as a certified Speech-Language Pathologist (SLP), one of the biggest complaints I hear working in a medical facility is “My doctor tells me what to do, but I can’t understand him!”  The United States of American is a true melting pot. We’re also a land of opportunity for foreign medical students to learn and practice medicine.  Consequently, these opportunities may present with challenges when English is their second language. If your native language heavily influences Standard American English, should you consider learning about accent reduction services?

accent reduction

Roughly 78.1% of citizens in the USA speak Standard American English (SAE). If you are a medical professional, think of your patients. Some may feel their quality of care is being compromised due to a communication barrier. Patients can always look for a new doctor, or the provider can be open and honest with asking the patient if they are understood. Or, do you feel you missed out on a promotion because of having a difficult time holding onto clients?

You have a Problem with my accent?

Every language is unique with its rules of grammar, syntax, intonations and nuances. Often times, ones’ native language heavily influences the second language. Having a strong grasp of pragmatics and vocabulary is not enough. There could be a weaker sense of language rules. This is not a problem until one discovers they are spending too much time repeating themselves. When work productivity suffers, it’s time to make a change. Therefore, should accent reduction training be in your future?

accent reduction home study course

It is not to say if Standard American-English is your second language that you automatically need to work on accent reduction. This is not the case. Consider professional encounters. Do others ask “say again?” Are there frequent communication break-downs with an apparent disconnect being language driven? If you answered yes to any of these, it is time to consider taking an accent reduction course.

What now?

You’re still reading this, so there must be an interest. Time is valuable. There are a multitude of YouTube videos offering free trainings. One can also visit Speech-Language Pathologists’ sites for online training (paid services). Or, should you subscribe to this blog, I can send you via email a home study course. That is to say, once it’s production is complete. Once enough interest in a home study course presents, I will notify my email subscribers for the first opportunity to purchase. Currently, an accent reduction course is offered at my sister site Should you sign up with that site, there will be scheduled face to face coaching sessions via Zoom. This is certainly a time commitment.

accent reduction home study course

Home Study?

If I take a home study course, how will I know it’s working? Have you ever taken a course and gotten nothing out of it? If you got nothing out of it, why? Have you ever taken a course and found it helped you in real life? Why? As with all things, you get out of it what you put into it. It’s that simple. Whether you take a face to face or self-study accent reduction coaching course, if you apply the basics, there will be success.

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There are wonderful benefits of taking a self-study home course. Study times are all based on when only YOU are available! You can take the course any day at any time! I will send guides of getting started, what to practice, how to practice and how to monitor changes. The native language will NOT be effected, as we are not eliminating your native language skills. What is targeted is HOW your native language skills interfere with your spoken SAE skills.

Are you interested?

As stated above, this is a pilot program I am developing. I am a certified national Speech-Language Pathologist. I offer accent reduction coaching face to face at But, I have listened to my clients, and am developing a new system of helping professionals around the world. I am helping you, to help yourself.

To join the pilot program..

The first 10 subscribers for this program will get the entire training FREE! If interest runs high, I will continue to offer future discounts. But, the only way to get in on this program is to SUBSCRIBE on this page! I do not yet have a release date, but am aiming for end of July 2020. Once you subscribe, I will keep you updated on the release.

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That’s a Wrap!

My goal is to help make your life a little easier, one phrase at a time. Remember to subscribe so you don’t miss out on this opportunity. Feel free to leave comments with questions as well. If you are thinking it, at least 3 others are too. Thanks for signing up!

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