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Cat Mom

I have been a cat mom for over 25 years. No, not the same cats, they sadly don’t survive quite that long. Although, I have heard stories of some cats living long, long lives. I currently have 2 fur babies. One is a cross-eyed Siamese named Jasmine. The other is half Rag-doll half Siamese (we think) named Jewel. I named her Jewel because when I caught her, she had little bright blue gem-like eyes. She was instantly my little Jewel.


I have used several different kinds of cat litter through the years. I’ve used dustless, scented, unscented, cheap and expensive brands. My favorite for years was Arm and Hammer. The worst part about buying cat litter is the quantity you need to buy. Yet, when you have a multi-cat household, buying in bulk is the most cost-effective measure to take.

The Problem

Getting back to Jewel, my problem cat-child. When I first rescued Jewel from the wilds of the neighborhood, she settled into my home quickly. I was pleased she learned how to use the litter box and got along so well with Jasmine. Then, one day, all things changed. Jasmine was having bad asthma attacks and was placed on a steroid. Well, just like humans, cats also get “roid-rage”. Every time Jasmine was on a steroid, her appetite would become ravenous. She ended up eating more than her share of food, and Jewel was going hungry. To learn a little more about Siamese cat allergies, read my post entitled Cat Allergies and Eosinophilia – A Tough Combination.

I took this opportunity to move the food bowls into different locations. Jasmine didn’t seem to mind, but Jewel sure did. She stopped eating all together, so I had to move the bowls back into their original places. It was during this time Jewel that began urinating outside her litter box. Or shall I say, outside of her choice of 5 litter boxes. Was cat litter part of the problem, or could it be part of the solution.

The Solution

But this isn’t the post about how to handle cats who inappropriately eliminate, that’s another day. This is a review of cat litter. After trying various brands and textures, I fell upon Dr. Elsey’s Cat Attract, a litter for problem cat training. Being at my wits’ end, I paid the price. In combination of other behavioral changes, we made with Jewel, she finally started using her litter boxes again! SUCCESS!

The texture of the litter is less dust like and more like tiny pebbles. Its clumping capability is fantastic and does not fall apart when cleaning. I do not use unscented litter but even so, I do not notice any overt scents that most cats do not like. This specific type I use is supposed to attract cats and I honestly am not familiar with what scent is used to do this. All I can report on is my personal experience which was absolutely positive. I am not a cat behaviorist and I made other changes as well, but in terms of cat litter quality, I am very pleased.


Lastly, I highly recommend use of this product whether you have problem cats or not, this cat litter is top notch at an affordable price. You can find it at a great price for home delivery at

Before we bid adieu, the weather is warming, and fleas are breeding. Don’t forget flea and tick prevention. My favorite which my veterinarian also recommends is Revolution Topical Solution for Cats.  A prescription is required for this item.

Abyssinian Cat – I just thought this is a beautiful cat to share!

If you adopted or rescued a new kitten or cat and need some help getting your supplies, visit this page at for answers.

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