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No tricks, no traps, just some digital downloads, and printables to help make your life easier! Visit often as more products will appear. Created for families to provide to members who are showing signs of memory problems. Simple to read and easy to follow sheets to help them stay on track with their daily tasks.

The Simple Weekly Medical Tracker is the perfect printable for anyone who needs to track just the basics. Doctors love data, and how better to tell them what is happening than with weekly proof! Perfect for that family member who is not tech-savvy!

Simple Weekly Medical planner – Print off the 4 pack for a month’s supply FREE.

Feeling a little overwhelmed with your incredibly huge to-do list? Why not simplify? Introducing the Easy Daily Planner for the not-so-busy person! What? Think of your grandparents! Maybe they tend to be a bit forgetful and need an easy system to help them focus! We take for granted things like remembering to return phone calls, make appointments, and even eating! As a Speech pathologist, I work with the aging population who need some reminders from time to time. They prefer the old school pen and paper system, so that is what I offer for them! I put together a simple bundle of a daily planner and grocery list itemizer.

Do you have a friend or family member who needs a little extra help with remembering their daily responsibilities? In addition to the above trackers, how about a simple daily reminder checklist? Whimsical busy bees to attract their eyes to the page! Comes in a printable pack of 7. Yet, once you download it, you can print as many as you need! That’s the joy of printables and digital downloads!

Alphabet Kiddo coloring book!

If your little kiddo needs a little more help with learning their ABCs, look no further! Developed especially for the little ones, my first ever Alphabet Kiddo coloring book! On sale now for only $5.97!

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