Digital PLR products and the amazing possibilities for you!

What the heck are digital PLR products?

Digital PLR products (PLR) are licenses where the author sells most or all of the intellectual property rights to their work. PLR products range from articles, videos, printables, ebooks, educational courses, graphics, and software. These products span all niches and any topics. It is likely that if you ever purchased any digital product online, the item was most likely not created by the person or company from whom you paid.

digital PRL products

Private Lable Rights products are content we can edit then resell using your own name without the fear of copyright violations or plagiarism. Many bloggers use and promote PLR products either because they developed their own, or benefit from the massive amount of time saved with product content creation. PLR products do have different types of rights specific to the developer. Prior to purchasing this type of product, make sure to become familiar with any restrictions in place. Licenses do vary with authors and sellers.

DISCLOSURE. The following post contains affiliate links. Should you access a product through my links, I may make a commission at no added cost to you. I only promote products or services I personally use and endorse.

Why do I care about PLR products?

Why would someone want to purchase a digital PRL product? Let’s say you want to develop a “low content book”. In other words, a type of book that includes very little content. A journal is an example. Perhaps you wish to design a journal targeting mental wellness, physical health, or an eye-catching daily tracker as a memory recall strategy. Maybe you want to come up with a fun kind of coloring book, there are so many popular options these days.

The basic concept is that the license allows purchasers to re-brand the content under their own name. In other words, the product can be changed, updated, and sold to be used in different formats. So what does this mean for you?

How do I make PLR products work for me?

Are you looking for different ways to generate a cyber income? Are you searching for a home-based, creative outlet that might generate enough funds that will help pay for that next vacation? If you answered yes to any of these, you might want to consider learning about PLR products.

I have been wanting to develop a “colorful” adult coloring book for some time now. But, think about how long it will take you to design one page of a coloring book. Even if you have access to photoshop programs like Canva and PicMonkey, it will still take more hours than you probably want to spend. Or, you can outsource help to develop a product to design content for you to sell, yet, who has that kind of money lying around? Hence enters PLR products.

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Where do I find PLR products to purchase?

Multiple sites exist that sell PLR products, it is a matter of finding the company that you feel is the best match for you. One who I fell upon, use, and promote is called PLR of the Month Club and When searching for digital PLR products, you want to consider the quality of the products, the restrictions of use, and understand it is generic material that others have the right to purchase as well. Remember, the entire purpose is to have a solid template from which to grow and make your own.

After I make a PLR product, what do I do with it?

The possibilities are endless. The products are not only for bloggers but for anyone in any capacity or niche! It could be a great product for teachers wanting to develop worksheets! Or, for creators on Etsy to make and sell planners, journals, ebooks, etc. People running online businesses often use PLR products for lead pages, articles, courses, and ebooks. If a pre-made template can get you started, why re-create the wheel?

An example of how to use a PLR product is shown below. I made an adult-style cursing coloring book. Why? Simply because I was feeling snarky one day and wanted to make one. I found a site that sold PLR adult cursing coloring pages. I added a few more of my own creations and made them my own. It is not something I’m going to go home and brag about, but I certainly enjoyed putting it together! If you buy it, please keep it away from the kiddos’ eyes.

Another example that is a digital download is a coloring book I made teaching your kiddos the alphabet. In my post called “Moms! Grab your kiddo a new fun-filled ABC coloring book!” you will see the results of using combination PLR products and my own creations combined. The great thing about using PLR products that I cannot stress enough is that you do not have to start from scratch! I am having so much fun exploring the possibilities that I wanted to write a post about and share my knowledge! As I work more with these products I will share more resources in the near future.

Need more information?

If you are interested to learn more about digital PLR products and the endless possibilities, take your first plunge into the PLR Starter Pack- Your Guide to the Perfect PLR Business for $14.97. It is all the information you need to help you get started today!

Please leave me a comment about your PLR experience!

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