The Epic Brand Forgotten, the old is again new!

The Epic Brand Forgotten

This epic brand was originally invented in 1946. A man named Earl invented the most revolutionary household item that was so innovative, they had to do home demonstrations to teach women how to use them properly. 

The brand is currently known across the world, has been mentioned by name in movies, tv shows, and by your own family members. Do you know the brand of which I speak?

The History

When this brand was conceived 70+ years ago, conventional ways of selling were not effective. For that reason, the inventor collaborated with a woman named Brownie Wise. 

In the 1940’s, refrigerators were so expensive that they were not found in the majority of households.

For that reason, women were in search of ways to keep their food fresh for longer periods of time. This product was the solution to their problem!

But the product was so innovative, it required hands-on training with potential customers. Hence, the home direct sales style of business was born.

The Transition

The door to door sales businesses continued to grow and transition from selling vacuum cleaners in your home to multi-level marketing companies where consultants earn five, six, seven plus figures a year.

Why has this epic brand lasted so long? Well, it almost didn’t. As recent as April of 2023, this brand found itself in some major financial trouble. One of the reasons that led into this, was due to the fact of being a little slow with keeping up with technology trends.

But luckily, this brand has such high quality products and such a solid brand foundation across the world, there are investors who don’t want it to die!

Thanks to recent changes within this brand’s corporation and business model, it is once again on the resurgence train.

The Home Based Business Model

Has completely shifted, and if you don’t adapt to the current and ever-changing model, you will be left out in the cold. 

Back in the day, meaning a decade or so ago, people used to hold home parties, and it looked like this: 

One person cleaned their house, spent time buying/making snacks, dips, beverages, etc. They invited 20 plus friends/family, neighbors over. A brand consultant would bring a bag of product to the house and set it all up beautifully.

VILLANOVA DEL GHEBBO, ITALY APRIL 1954: family in the 50s

While snacking and drinking, the consultant would discuss the products, demonstrate the use while making more snacks, etc, share the catalog and let the crowd know why they need these items.

While doing all that, they talked about how the host will earn freebies and credit to buy more products, and if one of the crowd members wants to buy more products, then they should host a party to also reap the benefits.

And if they want to earn a living hosting parties, to become a consultant themselves!

Did this model work? Yes, at the time it did. Is this the model for today? No. Not really. 

Why Are Home-Based Business Parties Less Popular Today?

In the recent past, the only way to find this brand was through home-based parties with brand consultants.

But that’s no longer the current trend. Those of us who lived through the parties of the past had so much fun, we might be asking WHY is it no longer effective?

Social Media Global Communication Technology Connection Concept

Here’s the main reasons:

– Social media selling – Many home-based businesses now rely on social media platforms like Facebook instead of in-person parties to showcase and sell their products. This allows them to reach more potential customers without the hassle of hosting. I enjoyed hosting, but it takes time and effort. That’s not doable these days.

– Saturation – The market became oversaturated with home shopping parties at the height of their popularity. Customers started experiencing “party fatigue” from being invited to so many.

– More professional options – With online shopping and brick-and-mortar store options, customers can often buy products in settings they perceive as more professional.

– Scheduling challenges – It can be difficult finding a date and time suitable for the consultant and enough invitees to make a party worthwhile.

– Smaller living spaces – Apartments and smaller homes mean less space to comfortably host groups of people.

– Busier lifestyles – Modern schedules and obligations make it hard for many customers to prioritize attending home parties.

– Less novelty – The concept does not feel as new, unique, or exciting as when home parties first gained popularity. It is certainly “old school” thinking, and not currently sustainable.

The Thrill Is Gone

The thrill and convenience of home parties has waned for many consumers, and consultants alike.

There are generations of adults today who have never experienced a home-based product party, or the excitement of a side gig selling name brand products while earning a commission. 

Spreading brand awareness through gig economy

Side gigs today tend to revolve around driving and delivering to satisfy the immediate needs of customers. It also involves a great deal of your personal time and space. 

So What Does This All Have To Do with This Epic Brand?

Other than aesthetic value, have you heard that retro is trending?

Let’s look at the key factors of this brand:

Quality – Customers are drawn to products that are well-made with high-quality materials and good craftsmanship. Quality communicates value and durability.

Usefulness – How useful the product is and how well it solves a need or resolves a pain point. Customers want products that make their lives easier. This one has this factor nailed.

Price – Affordability attracts customers, though pricing too low can suggest poor quality. The truth is you can find knock-off products for way cheaper, but you lose out on the quality. Just like you can spend $300. on a Coach bag, but if all you want is a purse, you find one for $2. at the thrift store. Quality truly dictates price.

Brand Reputation – A trusted, reputable brand attracts buyers who count on its name and familiarity. Strong brands inspire confidence. And this epic brand has been around since 1946.

Uniqueness – This brand offers products with innovative and distinctive features not easily found elsewhere. It is pretty crazy some of the technology behind a seemingly simple item.

Spreading the word!

Word of Mouth – Ask anyone you know who uses this brand’s products. You will hear positive recommendations and reviews. Social proof indicates that this is a product worth buying.

Convenience – This is most likely the greatest reason for this brand’s resurgence! Life is so busy, the products this brand offers promotes health, convenience and time saved! 

Now that we know the brand is top notch, how or where do you find it today? We are almost there. I need to talk about the side hustle – or gig – because there is more than one way to acquire this brand’s products!

Why Do Some People Pursue Gigs?

The number one reason is the Desire for More Income – Some individuals wish to supplement their regular income to afford extras, pay off debts, or reach financial goals faster. A side hustle provides additional revenue.

Drive for Variety – For some, a side hustle satisfies a desire to explore other interests and activities outside of their regular job. It provides a creative outlet or new challenges.

Entrepreneurial Spirit – Those with an entrepreneurial mindset are often drawn to side hustles as a means to get a small business off the ground and be their own boss. It satisfies their enterprising nature.

Flexible Lifestyle – The freedom and flexibility provided by gig economy side hustles appeals to those seeking autonomy over when and how much they work.


Boredom – People who find their 9-to-5 unfulfilling may start a side hustle to enjoy a passion project outside working hours. It provides purpose.

Consultant Discounts – You had me at hello, brand. This was my number one reason to promote the brand I love. But, also, to share this brand with those of you who want to keep the epic brand alive! 

What Do Side Gigs Have To Do With This Brand?

Everything. And nothing. You can have complete access to this brand without having a desire to turn your love of the brand into a side gig.

You don’t have to earn extra money or receive steep personal discounts with this brand if you don’t want to. 

Do you want access to the link to shop directly with this brand without ever talking to a brand consultant? You got it!  

Drumroll! Do You Know The Brand?

I imagine 98% of you have figured it out. Yes, it’s Tupperware! The original fresh food keeper and organizational containers can be found in most kitchens across the country! The epic brand name known across the globe!

Your grandparents had some, your parents had some, and I would be shocked if you didn’t have at least one bowl or container in your own kitchen today.

If you would like to see what TW has to offer today, you can find them directly at my TW site HERE.

If you would like to learn more about the benefits of a lucrative side gig with steep personal discounts, sign up to learn more. No, subscribing to this TW info list will NOT sign you up with TW. I will be able to reach out to you via email with further information.

I hope you enjoyed today’s history lesson!

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