Moms! Grab your kiddo a new fun-filled ABC coloring book!

The kiddos need a distraction!

I hear you! Summer vacation is full-on! After being cooped up from a global pandemic, learning, and working remotely, it is time to add some FUN to your kids’ lives! The more FUN they are having, the more YOU can get things done! This is the perfect item to keep those kiddos busy while taking that long road trip, on the campgrounds, or for rainy days inside. Your littlest of kiddos need to keep learning no matter where you might be this summer! Introducing a new fun-filled ABC coloring book!

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Moms are always teaching

Moms and dads ended up being unpaid teachers’ aids this past year thanks to the global pandemic. Not that you were not involved in your child’s academics before this pandemic, but, homeschooling did add an element of additional stress to the mix! Here we are several months later and lives are starting to return to pre-pandemic normalcy. The summer of 2021 has everyone itching to leave the house and get out of town!

We all know road trips and vacations mean packing a few toys and crafts that hold the greatest attention spans! You also want to engage your child in the arts and languages so they continue to learn and thrive! Well, you have come to the right place! If your kiddo needs to learn or brush up on their alphabet skills, why not consider the new fun-filled ABC coloring book

Your answer is the ABC coloring book for kiddos!

I am a certified speech-language pathologist who has studied language development across age spans. Using research-based language learning principles, the Alphabet Kiddo coloring book teaches kids of any age the alphabet. The simple design of large, block letters along with a picture that starts with the same letter, allows for visual repetition and incidental learning. There is also room for the kiddos to work on copying the letters as well as coloring! They will be having so much fun, they will not even realize they are learning!

Why do you need THIS ABC coloring book?

What makes this one unique is multifaceted. First, each letter is represented in large, outstanding letters with only 4 to a page. As the child colors the letter, they are seeing the shape and are incidentally thinking or saying the letter. Parental assistance will be helpful to identify the letter initially. The child is then presented only ONE picture that begins with the said letter. This is to reduce distractions of learning other words, while the goal of the task is to learn about the letter. On the page following the letter introduction, there are 2 more large, block letters with spaces for your kiddo to trace and attempt to recreate the letters. As seen below:

Most ABC coloring books for kids include a variety of visual distractions. Of course, the purpose of that is to retain their attention. Yet, there are some children who get too distracted, and they end up missing out on the learning process. This ABC Kiddo coloring book was designed to include visually eye-catching targeted letters with creative opportunities by engagement with coloring. The best part of it all? You can either print out the entire book, or only the pages that your kiddo struggles with and needs more training! The other great part of this? Once you download it once, you have it at your fingertips to re-print extra copies as you need them! It’s a win-win!

Just released Alphabet Kiddo coloring book!

Get your hands on the newest of its kind Alphabet Kiddo coloring book! Available for only $5.97 where you get 52-pages of ABC fun and learning! You pay once but can print out however many times as needed! This is better than a store-bought ABC coloring book where once it’s colored on, it’s done! Your kiddo can practice over and over! Remember, practice makes progress!

Do you really need to think this hard over this?

One thing I always teach my patients is “repetition is the key”. When working on first learning or re-connecting the wiring in our brains, we need resources we can see well, have limited visual distractions, and have the opportunity for repetition. Add some fun along the way and BAM! You have learning happening! So don’t wait any longer, get a copy of this for your kiddo today! If you want to check out my other printables, head over to my speech pathology Simple Printables and Digital downloads page! It is in the growing stage, so come back often!


  1. If I pay for this item and decide I no longer want or need it, can I return it? Unfortunately, no. Due to it being a digital download, once you own it, it’s yours forever.
  2. Do I have to print out the entire 52-pages in one sitting? No. I encourage you to print out 3 letters at a time, meaning 6 total pages. Allow your child to focus on one letter completely before starting the next one. At first, doing the project in the ABC order is recommended. Once your child can identify a letter independently, then I would shake things up and give them random letters to choose, color, and write.
  3. There are only capital letters in this coloring book, where is the lower case? Great question! The next series will include capital with lower case. This first ABC coloring book is intended to learn the ABCs with visual input of the capital letters. They are more bold and solid letters.
  4. Should I continue to check in to see if the next series has been released? Yes, if you want. The BEST thing to do is to sign up for emails. This way, you will get a notice on the day of release! I do not send spam or sell your information. I don’t even know how to do that!

Are you in yet?

If you have any other questions, please let me know! Leave a comment below, purchase your Alphabet Kiddo coloring book for the steal of a price of $5.97 and let the learning continue! Thanks!

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