Back to School – For Your Cool Cat

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cool cat in hoodie

It’s that time!

Have you noticed there haven’t been too many commercials on TV about back to school clothes? Timing is everything, and COVID numbers are changing daily. Buying back to school clothing is looking more like new pajamas and underwear. But, that’s if you’re talking about your child! I’m referring to your OTHER cool cat! Your ACTUAL cat! It’s time for your cool cat to get ready for back to school outfits too!

Along with Autumn in the USA comes football!! At least, fingers crossed, we do get football this year. What’s better to cheer on your favorite team than having your fur baby wearing a matching jersey?

Cold Temps

Don’t let your cool cat get too cool! Keep them warm with a fashionable Frisco Dog & Cat Argyle Sweater. Blue is a great color for most pets. You may see them wearing this on the cat walk!

Perhaps it’s time to go for a cold morning walk, or a weekend hike in the woods! A sweater may not be enough to keep your cool cat warm. How super cute would they look in a PetRageous Designs Stowe Dog & Cat yellow Puffer coat? I mean come on, look at the little hood and reflector zipper. Too much adorableness in one picture.

cat in a cute ballcap sitting sideways on her head

Neck Wear

It’s not only humans wearing bandannas these days. Thanks to Tail Trends you can get a Dracula Formal Dog & Cat Bandana! Talk about a classy cat!


There is nothing sweeter than curling up in bed with your furbaby purring next to your head. Oh wait, there is one thing sweeter – soft cozy pajamas wrapping your cool cat in luxury! This outfit is a fun Frisco Silly Monster Dog & Cat Soft PJs.

Or maybe you would prefer a Frisco Sassy Llama Dog & Cat /Soft PJ’s. If only they came in a human size matching set!


It’s never too early to start planning your Halloween outfit! I mean, what’s funnier than a cat looking like a loaf of bread? Look how excited this cat looks!

Ok, I debated on posting this next picture because it is a dog in the costume, but even so, it is AMAZING! Introducing the Frisco Walking Koala Dog & Cat costume!

Can you imagine what your little cool cat would look like in this loveable Frisco Walking Sloth Dog & Cat Costume? Oh my goodness! This is a MUST have! The neighborhood cat packs will be super jelly!

Cool cat comments

As kids are schooling at home, parents new office is in the dining room and the pets are happy or annoyed (dog vs cat), new clothes always bring a smile to those we love. And buying outfits for your fur babies will surely bring a big smile to their humans’ face! Buy a fun outfit, take a picture and post them under comments below!

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