Global Unity – A positive of COVID 19

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Our state of Affairs

Not since the Spanish Flu pandemic of 1918 have we seen such global devastation. There were 500 million people effected worldwide, it lasted for 2 years and killed up to 50 million people. I’m not going to list any current COVID 19 stats because it changes daily, if not hourly. If you want to know the latest, just open the WHO’s website, or in the United States of America, visit the CDC.

We’ve learned new terms the past few weeks including social distancing, flattening the curve, and PPE (personal protective equipment). We learned that for some reason in the USA, toilet paper and paper towels are more important than over the counter flu medicine. We live in a 1st world country, there will always be paper goods, but only when distributed evenly. Unfortunately, I didn’t hoard toilet paper, so if this trend continues, I may be looking for some tree leaves in the next few weeks. But, I’ve still got time. I’m still not too worried about it.

There are politicians, and there are Leaders

On March 6th, 2020, the President of the United States declared our COVID 19 numbers were “almost lower than anybody”. While at the same time, the governor of Ohio declared a major order. He cancelled the spectator and vendor attendance at an international event – the Arnold Classic Sports Festival. The Arnold was held March 5-8th which brings millions of dollars and thousands of international followers to the city of Columbus. At that time, there were ZERO known COVID 19 cases in the state at all, but the decision was made. Reflecting on the day of that announcement, I remember thinking he was being a bit over zealous. Hindsight is amazing. Now I am so thankful he made that decision. Thankful to have a governor who listens to his team of scientists and acted strongly, proactively to protect the residents of this state.

I am beyond over listening to empty filler words of “amazing”, “fantastic”, “the best”, “many”, “lots”, blah blah blah. I’m tired of hearing how there are COVID 19 tests available for everyone in all states. Yet, the reality is, every day I hear our leaders report the honest truth. There are NOT enough tests, if you feel ill, assume you have it and self-quarantine. I still hear people saying this is “all hype”, it’s “all fake news”. I don’t understand how a global pandemic is FAKE. Made up. Who is to gain? This is NOT a political disease, nor should it be treated as such. This is bigger then me, then you, then politics and then money. The unfortunate end results are, the viral pandemic will eventually run its course, but there will be no victory. There is no victory in human loss.

But our economy!

Our economy will not rebound if there are no people to bring it back to life. You can’t rush a disease. You can’t look at reports written weeks ago about how a NEW virus functions and assume the information remains accurate today. If scientists learn, by using research (NOT just feelings), that the virus lingers for several days or weeks even AFTER feeling better, then lifting restrictions and telling people it’s OK to go back to normal is just tragedy in the making. I certainly understand people have to work, they have to make incomes to survive and consume, but too soon is deadly, and irresponsible. I would trust your doctor’s recommendation of when it is safe to return to work over a political figure. Quite frankly, these recent weeks have shown who we should really trust during times of medical uncertainty.

For the love of all that’s good and evil, just be SMART!

I think we can all agree on the running theme. We’re all in this together. Across the globe we see and hear of people taking care of others, stepping up to offer services, feeding others when their restaurants were closed, delivering goods to older adults, giving blood because you can, and many other positives. Many are getting ill, some severely, and some terminally. For the first time in my lifetime, I see the world experiencing the same problems and obstacles, together. We are just people, we are all just one. Don’t be an idiot. Don’t keep denying that this COVID 19 pandemic is make believe. If you are told to stay home by scientists and real leaders, than stay home. No one is playing a game here. You can visit all your friends through apps, Facetime, Skype, and more. Be creative, but do so from your couch.

That’s It

I figured I had a blog, I had a thought, I put it out there. Please stay away from others (6 feet minimum), wash your hands you dirty bird you, and listen to your local leaders. Stay home means, stay home.

I’d love to hear your thoughts too. Feel free to leave a comment. Stay safe. Stay healthy my friends!

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