The Destiny of your Ultimate Goal at your Fingertips

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the destiny of your ultimate goal

Where I Was

It’s 2021. I’m not yet a recognizable blogger in the blogging community (took a good 9-month hiatus after I began – I blame COVID) and I don’t have an “income report” to share. I just laughed out loud. You see, successful bloggers do this income report sharing thing not to brag, but to inspire and let others know they too were in our shoes at one time. I find these reports very inspirational. The reason I just laughed at the thought of sharing mine is that mine is truly laughable. Perhaps this time next year I will be among the blogging community who can finally post where I was and where I am today. But, for now, let’s all just know I am still “where I was”.

What’s the difference you say, from one year ago to today? TONS. When I started blogging in January of 2020, my goal was to spread knowledge and entertainment as I love to write. And, if I can monetize along the way, that was a huge bonus! That is, of course, the ultimate goal. Thanks to Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing, I’m well on my way!

destiny of your goals at your fingertips

What happened next

After I began blogging, I spent lots of my time researching about other bloggers and their successful niches. You can blog without a specific niche, but to gain consistent followers, it helps to narrow down the focus. Why would you follow me if you never know from week to week what I’ll even talk about? Except for the fact that you just like me (family 😊), I need something at my fingertips that draws you to come back.

That’s when I finally decided on a travel blog niche. In March of 2020, I declared myself a travel blogger. Let that sink in. Right at the time when hotels were closed, events were canceled and countries were locking down. Great timing Anita, as usual. So I tried to get creative in my posts, and it worked for a while. But once again my interests flew out of my head faster than I could categorize. I had waaay more to share than just travel. I decided to continue my research to figure out how could I continue targeting travel, but also include the other topics that flooded my mind. You know, such as cats! We all know the internet was created just for cute cat videos from around the world to be shared. Despite my topics, I learned to follow the advice from the resource the Ultimate Blog Post Checklist to keep me on track.

the destiny of your ultimate goal

The Big Reveal

Then it happened. The words jumped out at me (like they had the entire year, I just finally SAW it). Lifestyle blog. As of January of 2021, I’ve finally declared my “new” niche as a Lifestyle blogger. Ok, that’s great and all, but now what? Where do I want to be? How do I get there? What is my point in this article?

First, I’ll answer my own question. Where do I want to be? Being such a broad question, I’m narrowing down my answer to pertain to my blogging business. I want to write articles about things people want to learn about. Whether it’s about blogging, cats or speech pathology! I’ve always had a huge interest in making money on the side, so I especially LOVE to talk about legitimate side hustles (I write about this too). Many readers also have an ultimate goal of some kind of financial success.

So in the next obligatory 5 years, I want to continue to write about the topics I love to the readers who want to learn.  Have a monetary goal. Speak with successful bloggers about their journeys. Talk to bloggers who make 5 and 6 figures a year, by yes, blogging. I learn from them. I too, plan on earning a substantial income doing what I love. Will I be as successful as the bloggers I’ve learned from? The potential is there, but the rest is up to me.

control your blogging destiny

What about the How?

How do I get there? One of the greatest things I’ve learned this past year during all my blogging research is in order to be a successful blogger, you have to meet the need of the reader. A downfall of my approach, I try to meet many needs. I don’t have a blog targeting one topic that readers can peruse and search for multiple posts of similar topics. For example, Forbes. You go to because you know they have information about finances.  I know this is one of the greatest barriers in my plan moving forward. I have too many topics of interest. Yet, this is also the benefit of being a lifestyle blogger. The niche allows you to write about lifestyle topics, which include pets, family, finances, life. This niche makes it a little easier to reach that ultimate goal. So what do I do next? Since my topics are broad and I approach multiple issues with solutions, it means I just need to write quality content. If a few of my posts will meet your needs, then hopefully you’ll keep coming back for more! To help me remain focused and figure out this “how” of blogging successfully, I tap into the knowledge of my Blogging On Point friends. Talk about motivation! their guidance can’t be beaten!

ultimate goal success

Keep on Keep on

What was my point of this article? I just felt like sharing what was on my mind. I’m not a brand new blogger. I’ve taken many courses and have a good sense of how to move forward. Yet, in the grand scheme of things, I am a new blogger trying to gain traction. I want others to know, whether it’s in blogging, writing that first book, or starting that new business, you have what it takes. Look past the naysayers and look to those who have already succeeded for advice. Push forward, my friends. Whatever is your ultimate goal or your personal journey, it graciously awaits your presence.

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