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“Cat Attract”

I’ve been using a cat litter called “Cat Attract“. My cat Jewel has a problem with occasional inappropriate elimination. I found this cat litter that is supposed to help attract the cat back into the litter box. I have had promising luck with this litter compared to standard litter. If you have a problem cat, it is worth a shot. I found a great rate for this item at

“Rocco and Roxie”

This is by far the BEST stain and odor eliminator I have ever used! And I’ve use LOTS! I have 4 litter boxes in my basement and I have a cat who would on occasion urinate outside the box. I have used multiple odor eliminators after cleaning the floor but would still have a scent of unpleasantness. After trying this product, with just ONE application – my mind was blown! BEST product out there and I highly recommend it! Rocco & Roxie Professional Strength Stain & Odor Eliminator – Enzyme-Powered Pet Odor & Stain Remover for Dog and Cats Urine.

KeBuLe Cat Toy Interactive

My cats bore easily, but they NEVER tire from chasing laser dots! During COVID work from home days, I realized when I wasn’t interacting with the kitties, they would just sleep their day away! Which is normal for most cats, but being indoor animals, they need to keep their health. This toy is my new favorite item!

“Hydrolyzed Protein” cat food

This prescription cat food has made a noticeable difference in my cat Jasmine’s control of her allergies. She was prescribed due to her eosophinilia, but since being on it, she’s had only 1 asthma attack in the past 9 months. I personally feel like it’s made a positive difference on her overall health. I purchase this item through

Sofa Cover

Whether it’s the animals, kids or guests, we all need to protect our furniture from possible oopsies! We found this sofa cover protects our investment, is comfortable, easy to clean AND looks great! There are multiple colors to choose from. This is highly recommended if you have a busy household. We use the Easy-Going 2 piece microfiber stretch sofa slip.


I wrote about why I believe in and promote Bluehost in my post entitled Blogging 101 – Tips for starting a Blog. Bluehost has offered a discount if you sign up through my affiliate link. Instead of paying $7.99, you get the offer of $3.95. I encourage you to check it out like I did.

“America, Cats and Guns”

I highly recommend this book found on It is my first published book about my travels while working across the country as a Speech-Language Pathologist. I have an upcoming blog about how to write a book based on my personal experiences. It’s a fun, quick read! I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it. You can find my book by clicking on my link AFD book .

Stitch Fix

I order from Stitch Fix 4 times per year. I love the quality of clothing and they send me items I wouldn’t normally find for myself. It’s a real treat! Using this link, you will get a $25. offer for your first order! Enjoy!


My cat Jewel has inappropriate elimination problems. In other words, she tends to urinate outside her litter box. I’ll write about the steps we took to reduce these behaviors, but Feliway ended up playing a large role. I definitely endorse this product! The spray, not the plug-ins. I had no luck with the plug-in Feliway. Clicking this affiliate link below it will take you directly to the product. Good luck!


When I made my European debut to France and Italy with girlfriends, we decided on using Airbnb as opposed to hotels. The experience was amazing! We stayed in 5 different homes located in Paris, Marseille, Venice, Florence and Rome. We were disappointed in only 1 of the apartments (due to cleanliness). We appreciated the ease of the Airbnb site and our hosts were amazing! Due to all of this, we just started hosting our own Airbnb home. Check out Nita’s Nest, and if you’re in town, we have a place for you to stay.

KitchenAid food processor

I have been trying to adopt a clean, healthier eating lifestyle. Many of the recipes I find call for a food processor to puree, shred, slice and dice. I can manually slice and dice, but puree and shredding I could not. I finally broke down and bought a new food processor from Amazon. I am a huge KitchenAid fan, so I gave the food processor a try. IT DID NOT DISAPPOINT! I’ll update this should my opinion change, but as of right now, I can shred the shiott out of veggies and puree is a breeze! I highly recommend this item! If you’re looking for a food processor, I’d check this one out.

Airport parking discount!

This is the best program! I just learned about this a year ago. If you prefer to drive yourself to the airport and pay for extended parking, did you know you can pay ahead? Click here for access to deals on airport reservations.


I realized I have several thousand digital photos from my various travels and finally discovered how I could share them with the world! Shutterstock is great for both purchasing others’ photos or videos, and for contributing you own! I use them for both purposes. I encourage you to check them out too!

Valentine’s Day!

A gift I always love are Amazon gift cards! Some people claim gift cards are impersonal, but I’ve never been offended by them. When in a crunch for a gift, Amazon gift cards don’t disappoint.

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