Cat Thoughts – an internal feline dialogue

Have you ever wondered what your cats were thinking? Just for fun, here’s a dialogue I’m sure took place: In the cat thoughts..

from a cat's view
Jasmine – cross-eyed Chocolate Siamese

Jasmine: Are you kidding me? Do you have to get up at 5:30 every morning?

Human: Only if you want me to bring home the bacon..Or tuna, whatever.

half asleep ragdoll cat
Jewel – Ragdoll

Jewel: Listen, Karen, or whatever you human call yourself, my hearing is amazing, and I don’t appreciate the noises coming from that hole in your face at this hour. But, since you’ve disturbed my slumber and approached my throne, make yourself useful and put some premium kibble in my dish. And fresh cold water while you’re at it. You know I wont’ drink anything that’s been sitting still for more than 2 hours.

Human: Good morning my pretty, sweet girl! Who’s mommie’s pretty? Are you hunger?? Hmmm? Are you hunger??

Jewel: Sigh. WTF.

cat on printer, asleep on printer

Jasmine: Karen, you are officially banished from working from home. I will no longer allow it. I have confiscated your printer. Time to leave. Now let me sleep and dream about the good old days when I only saw you at night.

cat sleeping with human

Human: When did my cats start calling me Karen? Oh well, cat thoughts.

A Few Fun Facts

Cats sleep 12-16 hours per day

Scientific name: Felis Catus

Cats can jump up to 5 times their height

Cats collar bones are buried in their shoulder muscles

Cats can be toilet trained

Cats dream

When a cat gives you a slow blink, it means they trust you

Cats can make over a 100 vocal sounds (dogs a mere 10)

Cats, giraffes, camels and Icelandic ponies are the only animals to step with both right legs then both left legs

Cats don’t meow for other cats, only for human attention

For a list of 101 fun cat facts, click here.

Do cat’s really have thoughts? As they stare at us, are they thinking something? Feeling anything? These are just my thoughts, about cat thoughts.

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