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Oh What Little Hands you Have

It was recently brought to my attention that I have little hands. I never really paid attention when people would stare or take a second look, although I did wonder what was the fascination. It doesn’t help either that I am a very touchy person. I love to hold hands and gently touch the arm of the person I’m speaking with as I throw my head back and laugh. I also tend to touch my face a lot, which in this day of germs and viruses, is a big no-no. If you don’t believe me, just read what I wrote about the Novel Coronavirus!

My normal pondering life position

Tough to Eat

Do you know what it’s like to eat with a serving spoon? The larger than life spoon and fork for serving sides and entrees? That’s what it feels like when I eat with normal size utensils. Grant it, my mouth is “normal” size, but grasping big, heavy tools can be exhausting! That’s why I use my special little spoons. You can see below what I use that is just the right size for me! Although, it does take me over an hour to consume only a one course meal.

Fun at Work Too!

My favorite time of the year is the month of October, especially during Halloween. I make sure to keep my little hands busy and be as touchy as ever! For some reason, people tend to cringe and shy away from me, especially as I scratch my face, or attempt to shake their hands. Do I complain when their hands feel clammy? I mean, they won’t even give me a high five when I’m flashing my little hands about.

Working my little hands to the bone!

All in the Family

Having little hands is actually a family affair. Even my cat grew tiny little hands with tiny little digits! I will say, it has been a little creepy when she digs through her litter box with fingers. And I won’t mention the problem we have with the crud under her nails. I do my best to keep them clean.

The Real Story

Now that you see my little hands are props and we had our fun, I’m sure you want to own a set too! You never know when they will come in “handy”.

For example, a few years ago, my grandmother was hospitalized and being monitored due to extremely high blood pressure. She was in the emergency room. By the time I arrived, there were other family members present. I decided to wear my little hands and have a little fun. What says more fun than being in an emergency room hoping your loved one won’t stroke out or go into cardiac arrest from high blood pressure. It was autumn, so I was able to wear a jacket, which helped to hold my little hands in place.

I entered the room and walked slowly over to my grandmother. I gently started touching her hands as I softly spoke. She first looked at me and smiled, then looked down at her hands and saw my own. She burst into laughter, peed herself and in between gasps asked “what’s wrong with you?!” I am very glad that laughter didn’t push her over the edge, and she did have a hearty laugh over it all. It ended up being good memory as she was released back home and had a few more good years left.

Where do I get my own little hands?

It was the month of October when I found my little hands, so it was in a Halloween costume store. But, thanks to the online store that has everything, you can buy it any time of the year right here! Our friends at Amazon have taken care of this for you.  For a good time, a good laugh and maybe a few stern stares, get your very own pair of little hands here.

UPDATE!! The little hands in this blog post are not the same little hands my affiliate link takes you to. Amazon SOLD OUT of the original hands in this post. I apologize for the inconvenience. I will continue watching and should they return I will update my links. In the meantime, when October rolls around, you can most definitely find a pair in a Halloween store.

No Harm Meant

This post was strictly for entertainment, no harm intended for those who may actually have little hands for realz.

Leave me a comment or just say hi! And have fun with your new, little hands!

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  1. Anita,
    This is very funny and I am so happy to hear you made Aunt Jan (your Gma) laugh so hard when you visited her in the hospital–what a riot!

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