How to inconspicuously poo at work

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Don’t. You can’t.

However, if you must build a rocket, drop the kids off at the pool, drop a dookie, take a poo, and there’s at least another 135 words to describe the deed, then at least be kind enough to use some Poo-Pourri.

This was your public service announcement of the day. I hope you have a sense of humor.

In conclusion, the way to inconspicuously take a poo at work, is simply, by not.

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1 thought on “How to inconspicuously poo at work”

  1. Where I work, there are 6 women and 7 men. We each have our own restroom and I almost guarantee, many of us #2 during work hours. I think it is just common courtesy to be stocked up on toilet paper, soap and paper towels and YES…some kind of spray. I often “courtesy flush” after things are starting to smell–cuts down on some of the nasty scent, but I always spray–be kind to the next visitor.

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