Accent Reduction Mini-Course Just Launched!

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Accent Reduction

It’s Not What You Say, It’s How You Say It! This accent reduction mini-course is the first step in your accent reduction journey. I purposefully kept it under 30 min and covered TONS of material. Before one learns how to reduce native language influences, the first lesson is to learn how speech is produced. Next, you will learn what creates an accent and why does the shape of the mouth make a difference? Learn where the tongue is placed while making vowels and how the shape of the mouth plays a huge role in consonant productions. What is considered the song of speech? You will learn all of this and MORE!

accent reduction mini course

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What Is This?

Being a Speech-Language Pathologist, I decided several years ago to transition into corporate America speech practice. This means working with adults who speak English as a second language. My clients have a strong grasp of Standard American English, yet their native language influences have created strong accents that disrupts their communication skills.

This disruption can interfere with promotions, business relationships and poor patient/doctor rapport. There is more to speech than just knowing the grammar, what words to say and how to use them. Controlling the voice pattern is almost as if not more important than the grammar and syntax alone.

accent reduction training

So, What Do I Do?

I developed a short FREE mini-course that provides the core of information of speech production. After taking this course, you will have a better understanding of the “how’s” and “why’s” of accent reduction training. But this free course is NOT the actual accent reduction training course which will help teach you how to code switch from your native language to American Standard English. This free course lays the foundation of how sounds are produced, so you have a better transition with minimizing your native language influences while speaking.

accent reduction mini course

After taking this free course, please leave me comments in my Teachable school letting me know what you liked, and what you are specifically looking for in the full blown accent reduction training course. After completion of the mini-course, you will be contacted when the training course is released.

For a little more information, you can read my post Accent Reduction for Traveling Professionals.

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